Sarah and Erick are loved. They are loved individually, but as a couple, these two are loved even more. The sincere happiness exuded by their friends and family as they watched Sarah and Erick take their vows, or as expressed during the toasts, was beautiful and brought many to tears (both from sentiment and laughter!). They incorporated several family heirlooms and traditions, including Sarah’s stunning hairpiece and their classic getaway car. Their darling pup Hailey even made another appearance as the ring bearer.  It was a joy to be present for their wedding, and it was filled with so many precious moments! Congratulations Sarah and Erick! (Check out their engagement session!)


    S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-1S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-2S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-3S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-4S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-5S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-8S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-7S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-9S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-10S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-11S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-12Shannon Community Center WeddingS&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-14S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-15S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-16S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-17S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-18S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-19Shannon Community Center WeddingS&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-21S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-22S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-23S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-24S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-25S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-26S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-27S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-28S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-29S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-30S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-31S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-32S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-33S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-34S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-35S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-36S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-37S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-38S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-39S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-40S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-41S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-42S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-43S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-44S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-45S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-46S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-47S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-48S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-49S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-50S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-51S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-52S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-53S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-54S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-55S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-56S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-57S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-58S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-59S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-60S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-61S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-62S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-63S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-64S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-65S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-66S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-67S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-68S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-69S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-70S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-71S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-72S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-73S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-74S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-75S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-76S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-77S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-78S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-79S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-80S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-81S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-82S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-83S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-84S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-85S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-86S&E-Shannon-Community-Wedding-87



    Shannon Community Center Wedding

    Venue: Shannon Community Center
    Caterer: Wilma Lott Catering
    DJ: Fantasy Sound Event Services
    Photobooth: Denon & Doyle Event Entertainment

    Sandy Bogner

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. Sarah you are gorgeous and Erick you are mighty handsome what a great couple you two make. Once again what a great wedding. T
    hese pictures bring with them memories that were a little muddled. Love mom

    Ian and Molly are dear friends of mine, and I was honored to capture this very special time for them! Molly and Ian, both from Fresno/Clovis, met in college at Cal Poly SLO and hit it off right away. Their wedding was one for the books, and there is LOTS of excitement for this little girl! This little treasure they are growing will be one well-loved babe, not only from these two, but from the tight-knit village they are surrounded by. We ventured down to a couple of Fresno’s historic areas – the Fresno City College Old Administration Building and the Fresno Train Station. Ian and Molly took a few of their favorite wedding photos at the train station, so they decided to make the location a family tradition. I could not be happier for these two!

    i-m-Fresno-Maternity (1)i-m-Fresno-Maternity (2)i-m-Fresno-Maternity (3)i-m-Fresno-Maternity (4)Fresno Maternity Sessioni-m-Fresno-Maternity (6)i-m-Fresno-Maternity (7)Fresno Maternity Sessioni-m-Fresno-Maternity (9)i-m-Fresno-Maternity (10)Fresno Maternity Sessioni-m-Fresno-Maternity (12)i-m-Fresno-Maternity (14)i-m-Fresno-Maternity (15)Fresno Maternity Session

    Fresno Maternity Session


    When my brother-in-law, Thomas, shared the exciting, but very hush-hush, news he would be proposing to his girlfriend Lindsey, my husband and I were so happy for him. They are such a great match, and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know her and her family over the years! Plus, it worked out perfectly that she is from the Sacramento area which meant Thomas would come to town often while they were long-distance. After we heard all his initial ideas for the proposal, I of course can’t help but blurt out, “If you want it photographed, you know a photographer!”

    Getting engaged is often one of the most romantic moment’s in a girl’s life, and capturing it on camera? How special would that be?? I’m so glad Thomas took me up on the offer! He decided it would be best on Thanksgiving day, when his parents would be in town. The plan: convince Lindsey to go on a walk through the nearby park and end up at a bench overlooking the American River. Meanwhile, I went incognito in an oversized sweatshirt and beanie, pretending to read a Jane Austen novel. Lindsey had her hesitations about the far length of the walk on Thanksgiving morning, especially given the fact she had already ran the Run to Feed the Hungry 5k a few hours before! Thankfully, she went along for the walk and only tried to change the route a few times. ;) Finally, they reached the bench, took a seat, and Thomas popped the question! Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs.! Welcome to the family, Lindsey!

    Lindsey&Thomas-Proposal-2Lindsey&Thomas-Proposal-5Lindsey&Thomas-Proposal-6Lindsey&Thomas-Proposal-7Lindsey&Thomas-Proposal-10Lindsey&Thomas-Proposal-11Lindsey&Thomas-Proposal-14Lindsey&Thomas-Proposal-19Sacramento ProposalLindsey&Thomas-Proposal-27Lindsey&Thomas-Proposal-38Sacramento Proposal StoryLindsey&Thomas-Proposal-47


    Sacramento Proposal Story

    Trudi Hurtado

    We are all so happy for them Thanks so much for sharing Madison, very excited for their big day, See you soon :-)