Sarah & Erick {Engaged} | Shadelands Ranch Museum Engagement

Last fall I got to spend the afternoon with Sarah and Erick, and their sweet pup Hailey at the Shadelands Ranch Museum and Lafayette Reservoir. These two are such an easy-going and relaxed couple – it was more like hanging out with good friends than actually doing a photo shoot! Erick proposed to Sarah on their vacation to Hawaii, making the long-awaited getaway even more worth it. These two will be saying their “I do’s” in just over a month, and I am so excited to share it with them! Congratulations, Sarah & Erick!

Shadelands Ranch Museum EngagementShadelands Ranch Museum Engagement Shadelands Ranch Museum Engagement Sarah&Erick-Engaged-13Sarah&Erick-Engaged-19Shadelands Ranch Museum Engagement Sarah&Erick-Engaged-46Sarah&Erick-Engaged-49Sarah&Erick-Engaged-52Shadelands Ranch Museum Engagement Sarah&Erick-Engaged-68Sarah&Erick-Engaged-75Sarah&Erick-Engaged-80Shadelands Ranch Museum Engagement Lafayette Reservoir EngagementSarah&Erick-Engaged-99Sarah&Erick-Engaged-105Sarah&Erick-Engaged-108Lafayette Reservoir EngagementSarah&Erick-Engaged-118Sarah&Erick-Engaged-123Lafayette Reservoir EngagementSarah&Erick-Engaged-129Sarah&Erick-Engaged-138

Shadelands Ranch Museum Engagement